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Coco coir peat is the 'coir fiber pith' or 'coir dust' produced as a bi-product when coconut husks are processed for the extraction of the long fibers from the husk. Coco coir peat is the binding material that comes from the fiber fraction of the coconut husk. It is a pure natural and organic biodegradable material. Coco peat is an eco-friendly growing medium which improves soil properties. Coir peat can replace peat moss as the best growing material for gardening and other horticultural needs. It is economical and eco-friendly alternative for peat moss.

Coco peat is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore, using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide. Coco coir peat will last three times as long as peat moss and sphagnum peat moss. Unlike peat moss, coco coir is hydrophilic and will re-wet easily without using wetting agents. It can hold up to 8 times its own weight in water. Used as a growing medium/potting medium coco coir outperforms most of the popular brands of peat and sphagnum peat. Coco coir peat promotes healthy root growth in plants. This eco-friendly alternative to peat moss is derived from the husk of the coconut. Coco coir is an excellent growing medium for both commercial and home gardening applications. The hydroponics and horticulture industries have observed that plants grown with the aid of coir develop larger roots, stems and blooms. This is because unlike ordinary soil, which is usually compacted, coco peat provides more breathing space and aeration for plant roots, resulting in better growth.

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